Lab Location:
Q: Where is the Lycoming Robotics Learning Resource Lab?
A: We are in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. We are an hour drive east of State College, about 2 hours (100-110 miles) from Scranton and Harrisburg, about a 3.5 hour drive (180-190 miles) from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Baltimore, and about 4 hours (200 miles) from New York City.

See Contact Us for a map and directions.

Lab Schedule:
Q: Can I schedule additional lab time for testing/programming/building?
A: During scheduled "Open Lab" hours, and at times that the Lab is already open, and a computer or workspace is available, you are welcomed to come in and work. We just ask that you give us as much notice as you can.

Q: Is there a charge for additional Lab time?
A: It depends. If the Lab is already open and a teacher's help is not required, then you are welcomed to come in and work. The tutoring fee will apply if you require the help of a teacher during that time.

Missed Classes:
Q: Can I make up a missed class?
A: While there are occasions when it will not be possible to make up a missed class for one student, we always try to accomodate students' schedules and special needs. If you know in advance that you will miss a class, it is easier to make up a missed class.

Q: Can I make payments on the class tuition instead of one payment?
A: We always try to accomodate people's needs. Just let us know and we will discuss a payment plan.

Q: Do you provide robotics / electronics / technlogy tutoring for individual students?
A: Yes. You can find the fee schedule on the Schedule and Pricing page.

Q: Can I take my robot home with me? Can I work with my robot after class?
A: Several options are available that allow students to work on their robots outside of class:
  • Rent your robot for the semester. See LycoBot Robot for more information.
  • Buy a LycoBot class robot. See LycoBot Robot for more information.
  • Work on your robot at the Lab during Open Lab hours or at other scheduled times

Q: I already have a Lego Mindstorms / VEX / or other programmable robot. Can I use this robot in class instead of a LycoBot class robot?
A: Much of the robotics curriculum is specific to the robot hardware, electronics, and programming environment that we use in class. Therefore all students use the same robot hardware.

Q: Can I build my own robot that I can use in class?
A: When you are starting out in Robotics, the learning curve can be pretty steep. Lycoming Robotics (as well as other providers of robots for education like Parallax, VEX, and Lego) eases the learner into robotics by providing an engineered robot or robot kit. Your robot will be functional in the very first class! If you wish to build your own robot, either for the experience or to save the expense or purchasing or renting a robot, you may find the road a little rough if you are just starting out in robotics. As you advance in our robotics courses, we will encourage you to build and modify your own robot, based on what you have learned!