Participants will build a Brushbot.
What is a Brushbot? It is a small "robot" built from a toothbrush, a vibrating motor, toothpicks and a battery. Actual build time is less than 15 minutes if you take your time, but the fun is in the experimentation, testing, and racing!
I provide all the parts and a couple of hot glue guns. You provide the kids and the assistance with the hot glue gun.
Cost: $6.00
Limited scholarships are available.

Build a Line Following Robot
Participants will assemble a line-following robot kit.
I have a very limited supply of these line-followers, so students will not take these robots home. At the end of the day, students will disassemble the robot kits.

Movie Night!

Occasionally, we will show a robot-related movie or documentary at the Lab.
Send us an email to to get on the mailing list of coming attractions!