About The Facility
The Lycoming Robotics Learning Resource Lab is located in downtown Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. The building served as the Masonic Lodge from its construction in 1911 until 1992. The 2nd floor has been home to the Lycoming Robotics Learning Resource Lab since 2008. The 5000 square foot Lab includes:
  • a computer lab with 8 workstations
  • a classroom area with workstations for electronics and mechanical fabrication
  • an open area for small competition events, demonstrations, and open-area testing
  • a machine shop
  • a lounge area
  • a museum of unusual devices
  • lots of Robots!

See Contact Us for a map and directions to the Lab. Email us to schedule a tour of the Lab!

About The Students
We strive to support our students in their extracurricular robotics, science and technology endeavors , and are pleased to see their accomplishments!
To date, our students have competed in 8 competitions in Pennsylvania and have won two Innovation Awards and six First-Place trophies, including three consecutive wins in an IEEE hosted Sumo Robot competition. Here are a few highlights:

Caroline R., a 9th grader and 3rd year student in the Lycoming Robotics program, has competed twice in an autonomous robot Sumo competition (each robot tries to push the opponent out of the Sumo ring) with an unusual robot designed while she was in 7th grade. The robot performed well and won the High School Division Most Imaginative Design Award in 2011, and placed 2nd in 2012.

Becky C., a graduate of the Introduction to Mobile Robotics course, was featured on the cover of the Fall 2009 TEAP (Technology Education Association of PA) Journal. The feature article was on a Robot Sumo event hosted by West Branch High School in which Becky competed with her Lego Mindstorms-based robot.

As a sixth-grader, Kiri B., also an Introduction to Mobile Robotics course graduate, won First Place, Junior Division, at the Penn State Abington “Robo-Hoops” competition, with a custom robot featuring a BASIC Stamp microcontroller.

About The Director
Paul Boxmeyer, Director of the Lycoming Robotics Learning Resource Lab, has been involved in the toy and product development industry for over 30 years. A lifelong love of engineering and model building led him to a job as a Model Maker at a prototyping and product design company specializing in the toy industry. Boxmeyer later filled roles of Supervisor and Operations Manager of a company of over 40 talented sculptors, machinists, model makers, engineers and designers. Later, as Director of Research and Development for a leading product design and development firm in the Philadelphia area, he oversaw the development of numerous toys and consumer electronics products. He also engineered and implemented the electronics and animatronics packages that were incorporated in these products.
Since 2005, as head of product development firm Boxmeyer Innovations, he has developed electronic, animatronic, and mechanical prototypes, and he continues to provide product development consulting services to a variety of industries.
Over the years, a love of robotics has led to the design, fabrication and programming of autonomous mobile robots both professionally and as a hobby. These robots have won numerous awards and garnered much attention at regional and international competitions in the US and Canada.